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5-phase stepping systems realize high torque, low vibration, and low noise, and enable high-accuracy positioning. Also, the wide lineup can be used in a wide range of applications.

High torque with compact drivers and motors

By reviewing and optimizing parts, we have achieved significant size and weight reductions over our conventional products. High torque is available from compact drivers and motors.


Auto-micro/micro-step drive, for low vibration and smooth operation

The auto-micro function enables smooth operation even with one-division (full step) and two-division (half step) course resolution settings. Vibration can be suppressed regardless of constraints on the control unit.


With micro-step driving, the basic 0.72°step angle can be set to a resolution of up to 250 divisions in 16 levels. This realizes smooth operation with low vibration.


A wide variety of set models are available to match the characteristics of your equipment.

Sets including motors and drivers are available in either AC or DC models. DC set models include micro-step and full/half-step drivers.


Linear Actuator Stepping Motors contribute to effective use of mounting space.

Linear Actuator Stepping Motors achieve miniaturization by integrating a ball screw with the motor. This contributes to space-saving in equipment and efficient use of mounting space.


Linear Actuator Stepping Motor

Flexible customization, including support for vacuum environments, is available to meet individual requirements.

We are specialists in customizing our products to flexibly meets customer needs. We can propose solutions based on your equipment development needs.


For example, we can make customizations to handle a wide range of vacuum environments, from low- to ultra-high vacuum. These are almost the same size as regular stepping motors, and can be driven in vacuum environment without requiring a vacuum feedthrough.


In addition, we can respond to your individual requirements, with adjustments such as torque and speed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.